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How to Make a Tangle

How to Make a Tangle

The best way to make a tangle is to sit back, relax and let the pattern unfold. It’s also a great way to focus your mind, de-stress and get some me time.

A grid-line, a few dots and a circle around the dots are all it takes to create this simple yet elegant pattern. It’s a great place to start for your first tangle and will bring out a lot of colour and texture in your work.

You can use many materials to tangle. Ink, pencil, watercolours, coloured pencils and even fabric. It doesn’t matter which one you choose but it is important to remember that the tangle should always be done using finely twisted, flexible lines and never rough edges.

It’s also best to tangle with a piece of paper that is a little bigger than your Tangle, as this will make the process easier and less stressful. This is especially helpful if your Tangle has a metallic or printed design. It can be difficult to see the pattern through a translucent or clear Tangle, so it’s best to use something that will stand out more clearly.

Try to use soft fabrics for your tangles, as they will be less likely to fray or snap off. It’s also best not to use cotton or synthetic fabrics unless they have been specifically designed for this purpose. These are prone to tearing easily and can be uncomfortable to use on sensitive skin.

Once you’ve got your tangles, use your fingers to gently detangle them from top to bottom. This is the safest way to detangle a Tangle and will save you from damaging your hair.

Alternatively, you can use a special tangle brush. These are available in most craft shops and will make the job much easier. They are also better for detangling wavy or curly hair as they have a wider tooth and can comb the knots from the roots to the ends.

If you want to add a bit more interest to your tangles, consider painting the tangles with a colour that contrasts with the background, so they look more like a real tangle! This can be a great way to personalise your work, and it also means that you can change the colours of your tangles whenever you want.

To help keep your tangles tidy, try wrapping them individually in a small handkerchief or piece of cloth for protection, tucking the loose ends inside the coil. You can then store them in a drawstring bag or pouch for easy access and storage!

There are a few lubricants that will help to reduce friction between the pegs of a Tangle, and you can find them in most supermarkets. The most effective is clear petroleum jelly, which is scentless and can be used to tame any pegs that may rust or become brittle.

Another option is a spray lubricant, which will be a bit more expensive but can be useful for particularly stiff pieces. However, they can be very strong and can make your Tangle stiffer or harder to connect if used excessively, so you need to be careful how much is applied.

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