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How to Make a Stinky Substance

How to Make a Stinky Substance

Making a stinky substance is not rocket science. The odors are created using a combination of chemicals, most commonly hydrogen sulfide, which are known to be relatively benign in small doses. In higher concentrations, however, they are very toxic. These substances are used in a variety of applications, from riot control to chemical agents to deodorizers. Using the right ingredients to create a stinky substance can be just as entertaining as it is effective. However, it is a good idea to be safe.

Stink bombs can be purchased in novelty stores and online. They range in effectiveness from simple pranks to military grade. Most include a mixture of volatile organic compounds and biological odors. Those in the prank category are usually accompanied by the aforementioned skunk-meets-rotten-egg-scent. While it is not illegal to use these items in a prank, the effects are typically short-lived. If you are not sure whether or not a particular item will work in a prank, you should consult a qualified expert.

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to make a stinky substance is to use a freshly cracked egg. Be sure to place the egg in a warm, dry environment. This should give you a week of use before it spoils. It may also explode. For safety reasons, do not use the egg near your eyes. You can also try injecting it with a foul-smelling substance. Alternatively, you could pour in some ammonia and let it sit. But be careful not to mix the two as this can produce a highly noxious gas.

Another way to make a stinky substance is to simply burn something. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can get creative and splice together an array of hairs to create an impressively large “smoke” cloud. This is a cliche of the prank world, but it is just as gruesome as it sounds.

The best way to make a stinky substance is by combining household ammonia with some burning matches. For this a 20 ounce bottle will suffice. Fill it halfway with ammonia and put the matches on top. Once you are satisfied with the result, seal the bottle with an epoxy or plastic wrap. Make sure to leave it on for 3 or 4 days. That is enough time to let the chemical reaction take place. At the very least, the mixture will create an interesting smelling cocktail.

Besides the aforementioned eggs, a few other common household materials make excellent stinky substances. In addition to the aforementioned egg, you can try making a stinky substance with paper, vinegar, and a bottle of wine. The key to success is to choose your targets wisely. Although a few rotten eggs might be fun, the stench of fresh ones will annoy.

There are other lesser known methods of making a stinky substance. For example, you can try a book of matches in a bottle of ammonia. Obviously, you don’t want to be using a jar of ammonia in your bathroom. A more elegant approach is to use a small bottle with a cap to store your match-making concoction.

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