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How to Make a Self-Made Easter Chicken

How to Make a Self-Made Easter Chicken

If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of Easter fun and charm to your home this spring, there are plenty of simple projects you can try. You don’t have to buy a lot of supplies, and most of these crafts are easy enough for even the youngest children to tackle.

Make a Toilet Paper Roll Chick

This is one of my favorite Easter projects for kids, and it really is quite simple! All you need is an old toilet paper roll, some orange cardboard, wiggly eyes and feathers.

Cut out a beak and legs / feet from the orange cardboard, and glue them on to the toilet paper roll. Finally, glue the wiggly eyes to the chick and add some feathers for wings. Once the chicken is done, it’s time to decorate!

DIY Natural Egg Dye

Use six onion skins, two cups of water and three teaspoons of white vinegar to dye your Easter eggs. Or, try a reddish shade using grated and peeled beets.

Hama Beads Easter Craft

If your kids are into Hama beads, this is a fun and quick craft for them to make. Simply download a free Hama bead template for this project from the link below, and follow the step-by-step instructions to create this simple and adorable DIY Easter craft.

A Soft and Chewy Easter Craft

This sweet little Easter craft is a sure-fire hit with your kids. It’s also a sensory pleasure, which means it can keep them occupied for hours.

These sweet bunny-shaped cookies are a tasty treat that your kids can enjoy at home or on the go, and they’re sure to be a hit for Easter.

The recipe is easy to adjust, so you can add or subtract ingredients as needed, depending on how many people will be eating the treats. You can also skip the sugar altogether and replace it with honey, or add some nut butters to the mix for added texture.

Decorate a Basket With Lace Trim

You can turn plain brown egg cartons into an attractive Easter decoration with the help of some flat lace trim. To prepare the trim, cut it to be long enough to encircle a standard-size egg. Alternatively, you can paint a strip of lace onto the outside of the egg and then cut around it.

If you have some extra fabric scraps lying around, why not give this Easter craft a go? You can embellish the basket with flowers, pom poms and more.

A Chick Hatching Out of an Egg

This is another fun, simple spring craft that’s perfect for kids to try. It involves crayon resist and watercolor art techniques, but what’s really exciting about it is that it looks just like a baby chick hatching out of an egg!

This project is so cute that you can’t wait to see your child’s face when they open up their Easter basket and find a chick hatching out of it! The finished egg is a delightful addition to your Easter table or decor.

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