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How to Make a Mattress Feel New Again After Years of Sleeping on it

How to Make a Mattress Feel New Again After Years of Sleeping on it

After years of sleeping on your mattress, it may begin to soften and sag. Fortunately, you can easily make your mattress feel new again by following a few simple steps.

1. Invest in a quality mattress and foundation.

A quality mattress will last longer than a cheaper one and provide better support. The foundation should be able to handle the weight and pressure of your body, and be made from materials that are supportive rather than soft.

2. Ensure that your mattress is the right size for your body and that you have enough room to move around freely during the night.

Getting the correct size mattress is important, especially if you have a back pain or scoliosis. A king-size mattress is usually the best option for most people, and you can find them in stores or on Amazon.

3. Ensure that your mattress is the correct comfort level for you by using a mattress pad or topper.

A comfortable mattress should feel softer than a hard one, but it shouldn’t sink too much into the bed frame. It’s also essential to choose a mattress that fits your sleep style and sleeping habits, as your sleeping position changes throughout the night.

4. Ensure that your mattress is made with organic materials.

If you want to purchase a mattress that’s made from natural materials, look for certifications like GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard). These certificates show that the mattresses meet strict standards for production and use of organic products.

5. Ensure that your mattress has a warranty and return policy.

A warranty will help cover any defects that occur in the mattress over a specific period of time, while a return policy allows you to return the product for a refund at any time. Be sure to check the warranty and return policy before purchasing a mattress, as manufacturers often void warranties if you materially change them.

6. Ensure that your mattress is the right thickness for you.

A thicker mattress generally feels softer than a thinner one. It may also take more transition layers to limit sinkage, and it may have a solid support core that helps it last longer than a mattress with thinner construction.

7. Buy a mattress topper or pillow top

A topper or pillowtop can soften the surface of your mattress and improve pressure point relief by adding more support. They come in a variety of materials, including foam, wool, cotton, down alternative, polyfoam, and latex.

8. Clean your mattress to reduce stains and allergens.

Stains and allergens can have a serious impact on your sleep, so be sure to clean them up promptly. A spot cleaner is ideal, but if you have a stain that’s more stubborn, try mixing lemon juice and salt to lighten it.

9. Replace your box spring if needed to harden up your mattress.

A worn out box spring can cause your mattress to sag and feel softer, so replacing it is an affordable way to help your mattress look new again.

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