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How to Make a High Cat Scratching Post

How to Make a High Cat Scratching Post

A high cat scratching post is an effective way to encourage your cat to play with her paws and give her a place to stretch her body and claws. However, you need to make sure the post is properly positioned in your home and isn’t hiding behind your furniture or drapes.

Cats use scratching as a form of socialization and to communicate with other cats in their territory. They do this by leaving visual scratch marks and scents in their paws that are easily read by other felines. They also like to scratch on carpeting, but that isn’t always an ideal place to put a scratching post because of the noise it makes.

If your cat doesn’t have a place to scratch on her own, you can make a scratching post for her by using some inexpensive materials. You’ll need a wood post that is tall enough to allow your cat to stretch out and a base that will support the post.

Start by cutting a piece of wood to the size you want your post to be. It should be wide enough to allow your cat to stretch out, but not so wide that she can sit on top of it and survey her surroundings.

Ensure that the bottom of your post is flat so your cat can comfortably rest on it while she scratches. If your post is not flat, your cat might not get a good grip on it and may fall off or scratch herself. You can cover the base with carpet or rug, or you can simply leave it bare.

You can also wrap a piece of sisal rope around the base to provide your cat with a soft and natural scratching surface. This is especially helpful if you are trying to discourage your cat from using your carpets or other surfaces as her scratching post.

The best sisal rope is made from naturally grown reed or grass, not cotton. It will be much more durable and provide a better scratch than the cheap cotton rope sold in most pet stores. If you are unsure of the type of sisal you can use, it is best to ask for recommendations from your vet.

A scratching post that is padded with fabric or rubber is another great option for your cat. The softer material will absorb the impact of her paws and help prevent injuries. The fabric will also be comfortable to her, making her more likely to play with it and spend time on it.

If you want to make a more decorative scratching post, consider making a tree-shaped post with multiple levels. You can even add artificial trees or branches to the base for a more stylish look.

Whether you choose to create your own high cat scratching post or buy one, make sure to reward your cat every time she uses it by giving her treats or playing with her. You can also try putting some of her favorite toys on the scratching post, as this will encourage her to climb up to get to them.

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