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How to Make a Christmas Tree Cone

How to Make a Christmas Tree Cone

The perfect DIY project for gift-wrapping, party favors or stashing special treats, Christmas tree paper cones are simple and fun. These paper cone trees are decorated with beads, pinecones, ornaments and anything else you think will fit in with your decor style for the season.

These Christmas tree cones make a fun activity for the kids and are a great alternative to messy gingerbread houses! You can also use them to adorn cakes and desserts on your holiday table.

This easy to make recipe is filled with ice cream and candies! You can decorate these tree cones however you want and the kids will have a blast making them.

To make these Christmas tree cones, first make a template from cardboard. The large cardboard round should be about 12 inches in diameter and the smaller one should be 2 to 3 inches. You can use a plate as the template, or you can cut one from a 12-inch frozen pizza box!

Next, roll the paper into a cone shape by pressing firmly but not firmly enough to create ridges or creases. The corner of the paper should form the point and the rounded side should widen towards the base to make the open top.

Once the paper has been rolled, secure the paper in place by gluing a strip of hot glue to the seam of the paper. You can do this by tucking in the edges or by using a hot glue gun to adhere the strip in place.

After the paper is securely glued in place, you can fill the cone with candy and other decorations like beads and pinecones. The candy will add color, texture and flavor to the tree.

For a textured look, you may want to use a star tip for the frosting. You can also use a variety of sprinkles to decorate the trees.

This is an easy way to turn any cardboard cereal box into a Christmas tree. You can even get creative and decorate the boxes with glitter!

From Shauna at ‘Beautiful Matters’, here are a few ways to transform plain cardboard boxes into beautiful cone-shaped trees. The metallic gold and silver colors are a lovely addition to any holiday decor!

You can make these paper cone trees with a few supplies, and they’re a lovely way to adorn the dessert table. These will be a hit at your next Christmas gathering!

If you are looking for something a little more unique, try making these yarn or rope cone Christmas trees. They can be decorated with beads, buttons and lights to make them even more festive!

For this DIY, you’ll need a few supplies and a lot of imagination. You can dress up these trees with a variety of beads, pinecones and ornaments, but you can also leave them unadorned for a more natural look!

These yarn and rope cone Christmas trees can be decorated with beads, buttons, lights and other accessories to make them look incredibly festive. You can even get creative and add pinecones, evergreens or sticks to give the tree a more authentic look!

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